Mech Pilot Pwanda! Launches!

Now available in our shop!

28th August 2009

Mech Pilot Pwanda! has finally launched, having had a bunch of e-mails as to the launch of this title, we’ve pushed it forward and now have this title in stock as of today! Buy yours now from the shop!

Rargh! Rargh! Rargh! Dipsyfear T-shirts

for Men and Women! Now Available!

28th August 2009

Dipsyfear T-Shirts have been launched for both men and women. Coming in a variety of sizes and a variety of colours, view the T-Shirts at our shop!

Pwanda! Launches! And several other

titles on the way!

13th June 2009

Pwanda! has finally launched. If you want your copy of Pwanda! then buy online now.

Alongside Pwandas exciting launch is the fact that Mech Pilot Pwanda, Pirate Pwanda and Samurai will all be released in 2010. This promises to be a manic Pwanda year for 2009-2010!

Mech Pilot Pwanda will be the first out of the four Pwanda based titles to be released.

Pirate Pwanda will be the second out of the four Pwanda based titles to be released.

Last but not least, Samurai Pwanda will complete the round of Pwanda titles. Keep up to date on the four Pwanda titles set to rock the world, by subscribing to the website.

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